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Do you need working capital to grow your business?

CrediStock will help you grow and expand your business by providing loans specifically designed for bars, restaurants and liquor stores

CrediStock is a stock financing facility

for bars, restaurants and liquor stores


ZERO hidden fees

1-7% fixed fee ONLY


Fully via USSD

Fast loan approval

Flexible loan duration


Just the right loan amount designed for you, based on your business needs

How it works



To register, contact us from the button below and our staff will reach out to you.


Approved to be a CrediStock Borrower

Our credit team will approve and allocate the loan limit based on your purchase history.


Apply loan via USSD

Dial *483*52#

and follow the prompted steps to apply loan.


Loan Disbursement

Within 10 minutes, the funds requested is transferred directly to the distributor’s M-PESA till number.


Get Stock

Once the distributor confirms payments, they provide you with your stock.



Fixed Fee


1 %







Why CrediStock



Fixed Fee

As high as 10%

ZERO hidden fees

1-7% fixed fee ONLY


Can’t get stock delivered at your doorstep

Get the stock at your doorstep

(You can use CrediStock when you buy stock from distributors)

Loan Limit

Unpersonalized loans

Different loan limit by each person

(We allocate loan limit based on your purchase history)

Quality Assurance

Risk of counterfeits

NEVER be sold fake products

(We have partnership with well known EABL distributors)

Loan Period

Few choices with high fixed fee

Flexible from 3 to 15 days

What Retailers Are Saying About Us

❛❛CrediStock has a positive impact since it’s created with the specific purpose of getting you stock, which makes it easier to manage.’’

Despite the fear people have of loans, CrediStock has a positive impact since it’s directed to a specific cause, and it provides one discipline when it comes to managing the loan. Besides, CrediStock is instant and offers a sufficient repayment period. Credistock has really helped me raise my business.

― Owner of Kahunira Wines, Umoja

What Retailers Are Saying About Us

❛❛With CrediStock, my business never runs out of stock.’’

Credistock came to us at a very opportune time. I had financial challenges as a business owner when it came to restocking, but now with CrediStock my business never runs out of stock. They have affordable rates and flexible payment periods ideal for all businesses. My best solution to stock financing.

― Owner of Sir Henry’s Liqour, LuckySummer

What Retailers Are Saying About Us

❛❛For anyone looking for stock financing, CrediStock should be your first choice!’’

I got to know of CrediStock through VEEW Distributors. I later met one of their field agents who took me through the application process which was quite easy and fast. After that I got to boost my stock purchase by using CrediStock financing. We’ve been together for 3months and I can see positive growth in my business as a result of CrediStock walking with me in my journey. 

― Owner of Sly Wines, Umoja


What Our Partners Are Saying About Us


 How do I apply for a loan?

Dial *483*52# and follow the prompted steps

What are the eligibility criteria to qualify for a CrediStock loan?

You Must:

Have consistent purchase history with the specified distributor.

Be a registered retailer with the specified distributor.

What documents do I need to apply for a loan?

Registered business – Not mandatory

Valid liquor license

Copy of ID for owner/ Director

How are the loan limits allocated?

This is based and determined by your purchase data with the respective distributor

How long does it take to process a loan once I submit my application?

Within 15 mins

How do I make repayments?

Mpesa Paybill : 537 131

Account No: Loan Ref

What happens if I have a dispute or need more information on my loan?

You can write to us via email at credistock@crediation.com

Or call us directly on102/

What happens if I want a loan top-up?

You will need to clear the existing CrediStock loan before applying for another one.

Send us a message for us to contact you