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Why Crediation

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We don’t ask for collateral. You just need to tell us about your LPO.

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We lend up to 1m Ksh. We can cover 100% of the LPO amount.

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Application is done fully online. You don’t need to come to our office.

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Our interest rate is 1.5-9% per month, with no application fees.

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We make loan decision within 3 working days, and disburse shortly.

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Upon loan assessment, we will explain to you about our decision.

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How it Works

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Apply Online

Decision & Contract


No registration is required. It takes only 15 mins!
You will receive loan decision by email. Loan contract is also done fully online.
We will pay directly to the supplier you appointed in the application by bank transfer or mobile money

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Yes, you can. We don’t ask for collaterals. You just need to have a registered company and a valid LPO awarded to you.

Our maximum interest rate is 9% per month, and it decreases depending on your specific conditions. In short, your interest never exceeds 9%.

Our loan is not disbursed to you, but it’s paid directly to the supplier that you intend to buy goods from for your awarded LPO.

Once you deliver the goods, you will issue an invoice “payable to Crediation” to your LPO issuer. The LPO issue will pay to us and we will disburse to you “your profit minus the interest and principal”.

You will repay to us the interest and principal by due date set by the loan agreement. In other words, you don’t need to pay a penny until due date.

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